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 I have found Table Turn to be a great tool. Real time information, driven by the sales people of the restaurant, the servers. It has made me more efficient, improved service and saved me money. A product that I personally recommend"....
David Earp, President
Tucson's Southwest Grill
President of the FRLA, Pinellas

"We installed Table Turn in our restaurant for our grand opening. With a new staff to train, we really wanted a table management system that would be easy to use. Our staff was able to use the system efficiently from the day we opened. We are able to control our dining room from the hostess desk"...
Danny Coover, Owner
Middle Grounds Grill


"Working with the Table Turn system, I have noticed a decrease in inaccurate quote times, which I believe is due to faster table turns. It is much easier to train with this system as opposed to laminated sheets with china markers. We can concentrate on our waiting guests instead of scouting tables. It is an easy tool for people with language barriers. It saves management time in the dining room. It definitely adds a level of professionalism to the restaurant. Overall, I would recommend this product to all Outback Steakhouses"...
Patrick McKanna, FOH Manager
Outback Steakhouse

"We have been using Table Turn for quite a while. Not only has it improved table turnover and reduced wait times, but we have also been able to decrease labor. I seriously can't image running the restaurant without it now."....
Brent Booth, Managing Partner
Outback Steakhouse





"We have been using Table Turn at Silas for over three years. Two weeks after installation we cut one six hour hostess shift out each day, saving us over $16,000 in labor cost per year. We have seen a dramatic improvement in our table turn over, resulting in additional revenue"....
Pauline Kilgore, General Manager
Silas Dent's Steakhouse

"After the initial set up and onsite training, the Table Turn system has been nothing but an asset to our restaurant. The table turnover rate has almost doubled since the installation. I highly recommend every restaurant to have the Table Turn system installed - they would not regret it." ......
Amy Strickland, Manager
Seminole Casino Immokalee

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