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Table Turn

Table Turn is a wireless touch screen table management system that utilizes the front- of-the-house staff to communicate in real- time the status of every table in the dining room. A customized floor plan is created for each monitor and the system is shipped ready to install and use.

Table Turn monitors and Table Turn Pager and Messaging products make up a communication and status reporting system. It is comprised of a network of Table Turn monitors and portable pager units. The ratio of fixed Table Turn panels to portable pagers is determined by the application of the product and can be deployed in any number (up to 4 fixed monitor and 16 portable units) or combination including a monitor only system.





Signal Caller

Signal Caller units are pager-like devices that can be used to remotely update table status on the Table Turn network. This allows the bus staff to immediately communicate from a table in the dining room to the hostess monitor and side station monitors that the table has been serviced and is ready for new guests.

The device will also page a selected staff member to report to a location in the restaurant or send preset text message instructions or requests. Paging and messaging can also be initiated at the fixed monitor locations when Signal Caller devices exist in the network. Bartenders will be able to communicate to managers their needs such as change request, food issues, service problems, phone calls, etc.  


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