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Why It Works

Table Turn is a restaurant table management system designed by restaurant owner and operator, Rob Stambaugh. After thirty-five years of owning and managing some of the world’s highest volume restaurants in the United States, Rob developed Table Turn to help eliminate what he calls the restaurant version of the “Hostess Shuffle”.

Guests come in…hostess ask how many are in the party….hostess leaves to check the status of a table….hostess tells bus staff that a table needs to be bussed…hostess tells guests that it will be a few minutes….hostess leaves to check if table has been bussed and is ready to be seated….hostess returns to the guests to finally seat them.

There are several other table management systems on the market that attempt to resolve this problem, however, they seem to create an environment where the employee becomes a slave to the system rather than becoming a tool to assist the entire staff in completing their duties in a professional and timely manner.

Table Turn provides real time table status for the host staff for seating guests. It allows servers to communicate that a table is vacant and ready to be bussed and provides real time communication to the host staff that a table is ready to be seated. All of these features help to eliminate unnecessary trips out of workstations, increase guests counts, improve wait times, and decrease staffing needs while creating a more professional environment and all it takes is a touch of a finger.

After installing the system in his restaurant, Rob has found that Table Turn even exceeded his expectations. Through staff reductions and increased table turnover, his investment in the system was recovered in less than four months.



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