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Cost savings:

The labor savings of cutting one five hour seating staff shift per day is approximately $245.00 per week and results in an approximate 16-week return on investment.

Revenue producing:

Based on an average check of $30.00 per couple and a 40% food cost, adding one additional table turn per day will generate an additional $126.00 of gross profit per week, resulting in an approximate 29-week return on investment.

Combined return on investment:

A total of $371.00 of cost savings and additional gross profit per week will result in an approximate 10-week return on investment.

Note: Return on investment will vary based on the individual restaurant's performance, food and labor expenses.


The entire front of the house staff has a vested financial interest in turning tables over, it is easy to motivate the staff to use the system. Information moves throughout the dining room instantly, providing the host staff, wait staff, bus staff and management continual, real time table status.

Table Turn is a user friendly system that never immerses the staff into its operation. With a touch of a button, the current status of every table in the dining room is communicated in real-time. This allows the staff to focus on the guests and not the operation of the system.

Other cost savings:

Turning empty tables quicker means shorter wait times and less opportunity to lose potential guests.

Turning empty tables quicker means generating additional tips for servers. Happy servers result in less turn over and reduced training cost.



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